Thing 7a: Share the reader, “Students as Meaningful Contributors”

Students as Meaningful Contributors by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

The following article started be describing the past, and how students were given jobs in the US farming environment where they were responsibilities.  Because these jobs were practical shildren could see how their jobs were functional and meant something to their family.

     However, in today’s society children don’t have these tasks to do.  Today they are learning how to do things in school that don’t have this immediate functionality and purpose that they had in the past.

What the wuthor tries to do is to state in class activities that students can do that will in some way model this ‘farmers’ immediacy and functionality in their schoolwork.  As a teacher that monitors student’s community service hours I found the “Contributors to society” section useful and enlightening.   “Kids are heroes” was a website that was dedicated to kids doing things in their communities to help out locally and internationally.

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